Listen to the body

Throughout human history, the body has been regarded as a tool for the brain. Recently the I.T. revolution is continuing to deprive us of opportunities to use our body. Now the body may be losing even this position as a tool. In the first place, is the body a tool of the brain at all? The brain & the body, both are compared using binary opposition. It has long been considered that the former is superior to the latter. But when we regard the brain as a part of the body, we can see another scenery based on the theory of deconstruction. We can listen to our body.

In order to see the true nature of the body in a new light, I have been making artwork which transmits my body's movements directly onto the paper as tracks of my action. In this series, I expressed physical movement to reconsider our embodiment, almost like successive images created by high-speed photography.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, "Architecture is frozen music." Japanese philosopher Kitaro Nishida said, "Calligraphy is frozen music." Now I would like to say, "Calligraphy is a frozen action."