Fossils of the earth

I roll out a large piece of canvas on the floor and step on it barefoot with a glass of ink in my hand. When I draw arcs in the air with my hand, the ink in the glass splashes onto the canvas. Then, forms and lines beyond my expectation appear there.After I put my glass down, the ink takes on a life of its own, it runs and puddles on the face of the canvas. All I can do is just wait for several nights. When the pooled ink finishes drying, it finally leaves a distinctive pattern on the canvas. It looks as if a fossil of the earth has emerged in front of my eyes. It is the moment when Mother Earth appears to send us a message from beyond thousands of years.

Humans have continued to burn carbon stored in the earth.
Humans have continued to dig up gold that sleeps in the earth.
The burned carbon became energy for industry, causing global warming.
The excavated gold became currency and a symbol of wealth.
Average global temperatures are continuing to rise.
Wealth inequality is greater than ever.
The time has come for both carbon and gold to be returned to the earth.