3'00" Movie: Nakajima Hiroyuki

I roll out a large piece of canvas on the floor and step on it barefoot with a glass of ink in my hand. When I draw arcs in the air with my hand, the ink in the glass splashes onto the canvas. Then, forms and lines beyond my expectation appear there.
After I put my glass down, the ink takes on a life of its own, it runs and puddles on the face of the canvas. All I can do is just wait for several nights. When the pooled ink finishes drying, it finally leaves a distinctive pattern on the canvas. It looks as if a fossil of the earth has emerged in front of my eyes. It is the moment when Mother Earth appears to send us a message from beyond thousands of years.


5'07" Movie: Nakajima Hiroyuki

"LIFE/生" 2020

Promotion video for "LIFE/生" 4' 10"

Movie: Nakajima Hiroyuki

"LIFE/生" 2018

From the documentary film'Traces of the Soul'

5' 20" Direction: Martin Cooper

"Be Here Now"2018

Pierre-Yves Caër Gallery in Paris/France 13' 07"

Movie: Nicolas Saulnier

"Sun & Moon" 2017

Espace Lyon-Japon in Lyon/France 7'53"

Interview with the calligrapher

Nakajima Hiroyuki 2017

7'27" by Pierre Yves Caër Gallery

"LIFE/生" 2016

3' 03"Direction: UCHUJIN / Adrian Storey

"the form I have never seen" 2014

Ikkyo-An in Tokyo/Japan 4'33" Movie: maquot

"Sun & Moon" 2015 -digest edition-

Stadtmuseum in Siegburg/Germany 6′ 26″

Piano: Holger Mantey Movie: Sebastian Felske, edited by Nakajima Hiroyuki

"Form of Zen" 2013

Galerie F. Mansart in Paris/France 13' 07"

Movie: Pierre Guerlain

Performance "Moon" 2006
The 60th AVIGNON FESTIVAL in Avignon/France
6'09" Direction: Norio Tokumitsu

Support: The Japan Foundation

Demonstration 2005 in Tokyo

7'28" Direction: Norio Tokumitsu