The 13th Festival Settimana delle Culture

Live Performance "Fossils of the Earth" 4'12"
2024 Palermo/ITALY
Curated by Giacomo Fanale


Humans have continued to burn carbon stored in the earth.
Humans have continued to dig up gold that sleeps in the earth.
The burned carbon became energy for industry, causing global warming.
The excavated gold became currency and a symbol of wealth.
Average global temperatures are continuing to rise.
Wealth inequality is greater than ever.
The time has come for both carbon and gold to be returned to the earth.


9' 56" Director & editor: Martin Cooper Dop: Adrian "Uchujin" Storey

This performance/exhibition/ was part of the event "Written in Stone", a group exhibition held in Milan October 9-16 2023, in Palazzina dei Bagni Misteriosi of Franco Parenti Theatre, curated by Katia Bagnoli and Bruno Riva.


5'07" Movie: Nakajima Hiroyuki

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Promotion video for "LIFE/生" 4' 10"

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"LIFE/生" 2018

From the documentary film'Traces of the Soul'

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"Be Here Now"2018

Pierre-Yves Caër Gallery in Paris/France 13' 07"

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"LIFE/生" 2016

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Performance "Moon" 2006
The 60th AVIGNON FESTIVAL in Avignon/France
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Support: The Japan Foundation

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