Born in Japan in 1956, Nakajima began learning Japanese calligraphy when just six years old. He continued to practice it even after enrolling at university, where he studied Industrial Engineering with a focus on Architectonics as a postgraduate student at Chiba University. 
 Calligraphy is a traditional art form that is highly developed in Japan, but Nakajima gradually saw the potential to take his calligraphy beyond pure tradition. In his 30's, he began to create contemporary artworks based on his deep knowledge of Japanese calligraphy.In 2000, he held a private exhibition at Studio Soligo in Rome, which was his first exhibition in Europe. At the same time, he began to do live-action performances on large pieces of paper. His physical performance is influenced by Tai Chi, which he has been learning since his 20's. Since the year 2000, Nakajima has continued to hold exhibitions and performances in Italy, France, Germany, Finland, Belgium, the U.K., the U.S., China and Japan. In 2006, he was invited to the 60th Avignon Festival, an international stage art festival in France. In 2008, he set up a new studio in Milan, Italy. Since then, he has been living between Japan and Europe. His activity has been covered in international publications such as LE FIGARO in France and CORRIERE DELLA SERA in Italy.

Private Exhibition

2024 Fossils of the Earth, Archivio Storico Comunale -Palermo (ITALY) curation: Giacomo Fanale---Photo

2023 Fossil Characters, Bagni Misteriosi -Milan (ITALY) curation: Katia Bagnoli/Bruno Riva---Photo

2019 Life/生, Art Projects Gallery -Hong Kong (CHINA)---Photo

2018 Four Seasons, La Mairie du 6ème - Lyon (FRANCE)

2018 Be Here Now, Pierre-Yves Caër Gallery - Paris (FRANCE)---Photo/Movie

2017 With Nature (with CED ROUZ), Galerie Patrick Bartoli - Marseille (FRANCE)---Photo

2016 生/LIFE, Bunkamura Box Gallery - Tokyo (JAPAN)---Photo/Movie

2014 the form I have never seen, Ikkyo-An - Tokyo (JAPAN)---Photo/Movie

2013 Forme de Zen, Galerie F. Mansart - Paris (FRANCE)---Photo/Movie

2012 Kizuna,Gallery Tact - Tokyo (JAPAN)

2012 Shizen, Galleria Nobili - Milano (ITALY) critic: Matteo Galbiati---Photo

2011 Ri-Vivere, Arte Giappone - Milano (ITALY)

2009 Gallery Tact - Tokyo (JAPAN)

2008 Gallery Tact - Tokyo (JAPAN)

2007 Gallery Tact - Tokyo (JAPAN)

2006 Lune, 60° Édition Festival d'Avignon - Avignon (FRANCE)

2006 Mond, Siegburg Stadtmuseum - Siegburg (GERMANY)

2006 Gallery Tact - Tokyo (JAPAN)

2005 The beach Associazione Culturale - Torino (ITALY)

2005 Crèations Japon, Centre d'Etudes Japonaises d'Alsace - Colmar (FRANCE)

2004 Siebold Museum - Würzburg (GERMANY)

2003 The International Furniture Fair - Cöln (GERMANY)

2003 Mike Amrta - Tokyo (JAPAN)

2003 Klingspor Museum - Offenbach (GERMANY)

2003 Kreis Museum - Peine (GERMANY)

2003 sho, Galerie Wild - Frankfurt am Main (GERMANY)

2002 Ronald Schmitt tisch - Eberbach (GERMANY)

2001 Sky Gallery, Haneda-Airport - Tokyo (JAPAN)

2001 Sho, Institut D'Arts Visuels - Orléans (FRANCE) critic: Cristian Parisot

2001 Lapin Et Halot - Tokyo (JAPAN)

2001 Sho, Galleria Montmartre Des Arts - Paris (FRANCE) critic: Cristian Parisot

2000 Sho, Studio Soligo - Roma (ITALY) critic: Atsushi Suwa

1999 Gallery Kai - Tokyo (JAPAN)

1997 Gallery Nakazawa - Tokyo (JAPAN)


2024 Fossils of the Earth, Museo Archeologico Regionale "A. Salinas"-Palermo (ITALY) curation: Giacomo Fanale---Movie

2023 Fossil Characters, Teatro Franco Parenti -Milan (ITALY) curation: Katia Bagnoli/Bruno Riva---Photo

2019 Birth, Life and Death, URANIA Berlin - Berlin (GERMANY)

2018 Calligraphies Sonores, MIRY Concertzaal - Gent (BELGIUM)---Photo

2018 Calligraphies Sonores, Villa Cavrois - Lille (FRANCE)---Photo

2018 One Continuous Motion, Japan House London - London (U.K.)---Photo

2018 Auction House Drouot - Paris (FRANCE)

2016 Sun, Moon and Life, Stiftskirche - Kaiserslautern (GERMANY)

2016 Sun, Moon and Life, Suermondt Ludwig Museum - Aachen (GERMANY)

2016 Sun, Moon and Life, Konzertsaal des Kulturzentrums "Hufeisen" - Germersheim (GERMANY)

2015 Festsaal der Karlsburg Durlach - Karlsruhe (GERMANY)

2015 Stadtmuseum - Siegburg (GERMANY)---Movie

2015 "Nippon Connection" Die Käs - Frankfurt am Main (GERMANY)

2013 Water, Takeshigerou - Kyoto (JAPAN)

2012 Gratitude and Heritage, La Rochelle - Tokyo (JAPAN)

2012 Carrousel Du Louvre - Paris (FRANCE)---Photo

2011 Sonne und Monde, Siegburg Stadtmuseum - Siegburg (GERMANY)

2011 Musicalligrapie with Lê Quan Ninh, Fondation Royaumont - Paris (FRANCE)

2010 Luna, La Casa delle culture del mondo - Milano (ITALY)---Photo

2010 Vivere, La Triennale di Milano - Milano (ITALY)---Photo

2009 Leben, Siegburg Stadtmuseum - Siegburg (GERMANY)

2009 Leben, Heiliggeistkirche - Speyer (GERMANY)---Photo

2009 Vivere, Arte Giappone - Milano (ITALY)

2006 Lune, The 60° Édition Festival d'Avignon - Avignon (FRANCE)---Movie

2006 Del Kalligraph der Seele, Siegburg Stadtmuseum - Siegburg (GERMANY)

2006 Ichimura Miami Japan Garden - Miami (U.S.A.)---Photo

2006 Bakehouse Art Complex- Miami (U.S.A.)

2005 the beach- Associazione Culturale- Torino (ITALY)

2005 Crèations Japon, Centre d'Etudes Japonaises d'Alsace - Colmar (FRANCE)

2003 Klingspor Museum - Offenbach (GERMAY)

2003 Kreis Museum - Peine (GERMANY)

2002 Santa Claus Forest - Rovaniemi (FINLAND)

2002 Ronald Schmitt tisch- Eberbach (GERMANY)

2001 Lapin Et Halot - Tokyo (JAPAN)

2001 Prèsence Japonaise, Scene Nazionale - Orléans (FRANCE)


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