Kyoto Journal featured my works.


The theme of the 98th issue is the Japanese time-space concept of "ma"-a measurement of space or an interval-empty, yet never vacant-replete with potentiality, like the silence that is essential to music, the cognitive space between words and sentences in conversations, the stillness that anchors and releases both thought and action. By a curious coincidence, social distancing has been widely introduced to counter the COVID-19 pandemic around the world. I hope people will not be isolated due to this measure. "ma" is not something which separates people. I believe "ma" awakes people's feelings of consideration toward others. Kyoto Journal is the longest-established independent English publication in Japan. It presents thought-provoking cultural and historical insights from Kyoto, Japan and all of Asia. It is available as a PDF download from the following website.

204pp; published August, 2020
¥550 (approx US $5)